18/02058/PWC | T - A - Hornbeam - Crown Lift to 4 meters prune back from neighbouring property and flats to achieve a 3 meter clearance. T - B - Copper Beech - Remove dead wood, prune back lower growth to give a 2 meter clearance from the building and raise the crown to give a 2 meter clearance over the roof of the flats and the neighbouring property. T - I - Silver Birch - Crown lift to 4 meters and remove dead wood. TG1 - Ash - Pear - Goat Willow - Located to the rear of T A on the boundary wall - prune back neighbouring trees encroaching over the wall and on to the garage roofs to give a 3 meter clearance over the garages | 31A Magdala Road Nottingham NG3 5DG


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