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18/02271/LLIS1 | Repair of an C18 existing dividing wall between the Mineral Gallery and the Insect Gallery, through removal of masonry wall and replacement with a lightweight timber partition. | Wollaton Park, Wollaton Hall Wollaton Road Nottingham NG8 2AE
Name Constraint Type Status
Name: Wollaton Hall Archaeological Constraint Area Not Available
Address: Wollaton Hall,Wollaton Road,Nottingham,NG8 2AD, Grade: I Description: Country house, now museum. 1580-88, by Robert Smythson for Sir Francis Willoughby. Statutory Listed Buildings Not Available
Area_Committee: 7 Area Committees Not Available
Wollaton Hall Historic Parks and Gardens Current
Property Lies Within The Wollaton Park Conservation Area Conservation Area Current
Restriction On Change Of Use From C3 (Dwelling) To C4 (HMO) Article 4 Area Current
Smoke Control Order Smoke Control Zone Confirmed
Coal Authority Referral: Standing Advice Area - Data Subject to Change Coal Referral Area Not Available
Consultation Requirement: Consult CAA (NATS) on all buildings, structures, erections and works over 90 M high. Civil Aviation Authority Consultation Not Available
Consultation Requirement: Consult CAA (NATS) on all applications involving wind turbines. Civil Aviation Authority Consultation Not Available
Source Protection Zo: Zone III - Total Catchment Source Protection Zones Not Available
SHLAA Ref: 9/1142 SHLAA Site Name: Strategic Regeneration Framework Area 3 (South) - broad location for future residential development SHLAA Sites Not Available

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