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18/01669/PVAR3 | Variation of condition S1 of planning permission reference: 16/01986/PFUL3. Design changes to proposed house types. | Site Of Trent Works Wilford Crescent East Nottingham NG2 2EH
Name Constraint Type Status
Zone: Zone 2 Floodland Not Available
Zone: Zone 3 Floodland Not Available
River Trent SFRA: 1 in 1000 year SFRA Trent 1000yr Not Available
River Trent SFRA: 1 in 100 year + 20 (Climate Change) SFRA Trent 100yr 20 pc Not Available
Area_Committee: 8 Area Committees Not Available
Smoke Control Order Smoke Control Zone Confirmed
Restriction On Change Of Use From C3 (Dwelling) To C4 (HMO) Article 4 Area Current
Coal Authority Referral: Standing Advice Area - Data Subject to Change Coal Referral Area Not Available
Consultation Requirement: Consult CAA (NATS) on all applications involving wind turbines. Civil Aviation Authority Consultation Not Available
Source Protection Zo: Zone III - Total Catchment Source Protection Zones Not Available
SHLAA Ref: 9/1502 SHLAA Site Name: Neighbourhood Plan Area - Broad Location SHLAA Sites Not Available
SHLAA Ref: 9/1142 SHLAA Site Name: Strategic Regeneration Framework Area 3 (South) - broad location for future residential development SHLAA Sites Not Available
SHLAA Ref: 9/342 SHLAA Site Name: West Trent Works SHLAA Sites Not Available

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